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Island Girl Body Art

Island Girl Henna timeless. temporary.

Island Girl Body Art

Island Girl Henna timeless. temporary.

Your specialist for organic henna body art services.

Your specialist for organic henna body art services.

Hello + Welcome!

I'm Jeanette Harper, a professional henna artist located in Upstate NY's famed Catskill Mountains.

Henna is a plant whose dried leaves have the ability to stain.

Henna body art is over 1,300 years old. It's often called 

henna tattoos or mehndi.

 ​Island Girl's henna is blended in-house using the finest organic ingredients and I apply it completely freehand.

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all about who we are and what we do. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

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Community Events

Island Girl does henna at many festivals throughout the year.

List of Fairs + Festivals we attend

throughout the Upstate NY region.

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Henna appointments on Main Street in Delhi NY with Jeanette Harper at Island Girl.

Located in the Catskill Mountains, our Delhi NY henna studio is open by appointment.

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Island Girl is an expert at doing henna for large or small crowds.

 We travel to do henna at parties, weddings, celebrations, functions, universities + more. 


About Henna Body Art

What is henna body art and how to take care of a henna design.

The art, it's history, your wellness & safety.

About Island GIrl

Island Girl is a henna artist located in Delhi NY in Upstate NY in the Catskill Mountains.

Ten years of excellence, at your service.


Samantha, Ithaca NY

I will keep you in mind for future events, because I thought you were the best henna artist I saw in upstate NY. My mom and I are thinking of making a trip down to see you, actually. Thank you for your professionalism!

Robert, Long Island NY

Great prices and great staff.  I'm so impressed with the artwork that they draw out.

Rosebely, SUNY Oneonta NY

It was a pleasure to have you here and everyone really did enjoy your work! I will definitely be sharing your information as well as asking the upcoming president of ISO to re hire you for the upcoming year. Thank you once again!

Cherilyn, Washington NJ

Throughly impressed and enjoyed the entire process of booking Jeanette for a retreat, she was early, she was pleasant, she got right to work, made everyone feel special and paid attention to detail in giving everyone their own unique design.  She even made a family of cardinals upon request that so delighted one of our guests!  Would highly recommend her to anyone looking to add some color art to their body.  My hand design was absolutely GORGEOUS and I so enjoyed the energy she brought to the retreat home!

Aubrynn, Delhi NY

Having henna done by Jeanette is a wonderful experience. Island Girl Body Art is not only a professional service where you leave with what you wanted, beautifully rendered body-art, but an opportunity to witness a skilled artisan at work.

Jeanette's commitment to customer satisfaction is in my opinion, exemplary.

There is nothing quite like being a canvas for her breathtaking henna.

I highly recommend Island Girl Body art and cannot say enough about how much I have enjoyed my experiences with Jeanette. Jeanette's passion for her craft is contagious and I would encourage anyone who is interested in having henna done to use Island Girl Body Art.

Amrita, NYC

Thank you for doing henna at my Sangeet. All the guests were ecstatic over how on point your designs were. Even my Aunties were impressed. I wish I hired you to do my mehndi as well, your talents were far superior. It just proves you get what you pay for. I'll be recommending you to anyone else planning a wedding in the Catskills. Thank you again!

Rosana, Cooperstown NY

Thank you!!! 

Everyone was gushing about your henna. You are really talented. I’m sooo happy to have met you before the wedding!

Allison, New York

All of my husband's relatives LOVED my henna. His mom and Aunt said yours was so much better than theirs... Thanks again for doing such a spectacular job!!

Marie, NJ

I just wanted to thank you for showing us a great time. Everyone loved you and the henna you did. The girls truly enjoyed the experience.

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