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Island Girl Body Art

Island Girl Henna Body Art timeless. temporary.

Island Girl Henna Body Art timeless. temporary.

Island Girl Henna Body Art timeless. temporary.Island Girl Henna Body Art timeless. temporary.

About Island Girl

Our Services

Henna application services at Island Girl uses only safe, organic ingredients.

I'm experienced in a wide variety of henna styles + anything from a quick, simple design to professional bridal henna. Many clients also come to me when they want to try an idea in temporary henna before committing to a permanent tattoo. All my work is completely freehand and I can reproduce pretty much anything I see an image of.

I blend all my henna paste in-house with the finest organic ingredients. 

We place a strong emphasis on product safety and appearance: Black henna is NEVER offered because of its dangerous side effects, and Jagua is NOT offered because of a small possibility of an allergic reaction and its similar appearance to black henna. 

Our extensive design collection is constantly expanding with most designs being exclusive to Island Girl. I love custom design collaboration so share your ideas and let's create something beautiful just for you!

The Team

Professional henna artist in Delhi NY

We are Jeanette & Chris Harper, the owners of Island Girl...  As high school sweethearts we grew up on an island off the coast of New England. 

We've been together for so long that we often finish each others sentences so, as a team, we work together flawlessly.

Over 30 years of traveling adventures together have taken us to some of our most memorable locations like Nantucket, Block Island, Long Island, Florida’s Suncoast, sailing Penobscot Bay, Sicily in the Mediterranean and tropical destinations throughout the Caribbean islands. 

The name Island Girl was chosen to encompass the images conjured by island life - the sea, lush greenery, sunshine, sailing, those little umbrellas, your toes in the sand and "Whoah! Is that a mermaid?!"

WOSB, Dedication, Success & Fun

Professional Mehndi artist in NY.

Since 2009 Island Girl has been a woman owned small business running shipshape and clipper fast. 

Decades of business experience and natural artistic abilities have created a successful henna career that broke the 'starving artist' mold. I'm grateful to my teachers - some of the industry's most renowned artists including Nic Tharpa Cartier, Bhavna Naik, Nimisha Parekh, Neeta Sharma & Noam Sienna.

My husband, Chris, came aboard when the business expanded. His natural mechanical abilities and experience in facilities puts Chris right at home overseeing mechanical operations to venue management.

What do we bring to your event? When we combine doing something we love with knowledge, skill, experience and professional, friendly service - we smile, have a lot of fun (contagious!) and we get the job done right.​​

Environmental Awareness

Island Girl's sustainability achievements.

  We reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse as much as possible and give back whenever we can for the good of the planet. 

Vardo Carrettino

Our hand built traveling wagon that we stay in while at multi-day festivals.

  This 7'x10' roving micro house serves as our accommodations with all the necessary amenities while at multi-day festivals.  

Chamber Member

Island Girl henna body art is a member of the Greater Delhi Area Chamber of Commerce. Visit Delhi NY

Island Girl is a member of the Greater Delhi Area Chamber of Commerce. 

For when your adventures take you to the Catskills Mountains of NY!

Island Girl is owned & operated by Jeanette & Chris Harper in Delhi, NY and is not affiliated with any person, online identity or business of similar name.